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Evesham Dallimores

Will Dallimore

John Dallimore

The Evesham Dallimores are two brothers, Will and John Dallimore, who come from the village of Badsey in the beautiful and fertile, Vale of Evesham. 

Will Dallimore was born in 1949, he is now retired, having been a plumber and decorator. Will is single, and his hobbies include writing poetry, short stories, computing, and music. Will is chairman of the Tewkesbury YMCA Movie Makers. Will is also the man behind 'local legend', Doug Deep, and a regular contributor on TV and radio regarding 'Asum Grammar', the local dialect. Will's latest hobby is ukulele playing, and is a member of Harvington Ukulele Group, and recently joined the Chord-ites, a five piece charity ukulele band.

John Dallimore is a self-employed painter and decorator.
He is also single. His hobbies include record collecting, compiling quizzes, gardening and photography. John's favourite TV program is BBC's 'Antiques Roadshow' and has visited over 200 'Roadshows'. He is regarded as their biggest fan.  John has started giving talks to local charity groups of his experiences with the Roadshow. In 2006, John and brother George were contestants on the BBC's 'Bargain Hunt' program.