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The Custard Brothers

Who are the Custard Brothers?

Well John and Will are the Custard Brothers. They were given this title after appearing in a Carlton Television program about custard called 'Taste For Success', which was an eight part documentary series highlighting food manufacturer's in the English Midlands. 

Filming took place at the Birds Custard Factory at Banbury, the boys home at Badsey, the Three Ways Hotel at Mickleton (the home of the famous 'Pudding Club'), and in Birmingham. The programme was aired on Sunday 13th July 2003. 

Since their TV appearance John and Will have a featured on Irish radio and in a couple of national newspapers.

The Custard Brothers
The brothers with the film crew John and Will The film crew at Badsey

John's favourite dessert is custard, not just any custard, but thick, lumpy custard, complete with a 'skinned' top

Here is a recipe to help others achieve this delicacy.


3 tblsp of Custard Powder
1 tblsp of Sugar
0.5 litres of Milk

Put the custard powder and sugar into a microwave friendly measuring jug. Add a few drops of milk and stir into a rich paste. Pour the rest of the milk into the jug and stir. Place the jug into the microwave oven for 3 minutes at Full Power. (Important: During all parts of the microwave cooking process, the liquid in the jug will expand, so it is vital that you keep one eye on the jug, or else it will spill over leaving a horrible mess.) Remove the jug from the microwave and stir. Place the jug back into the microwave for 1 minute. Remove and stir. Repeat this process a couple of times more, reducing the time until the liquid regularly expands to fill the jug. (Remember to anticipate when the custard is about to spill over and turn off your microwave.)

When the custard is of a good thickness leave it to cool, this will allow a skin to form on its surface. If you are not going to serve the custard from the jug then pour or spoon the custard into the serving receptacle before the skin has formed.

The timings given are approximate and can vary depending on the power of your microwave.