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A Selection of Will Dallimore's Poetry

Will has been writing poetry for many years, here is a selection of some of his 'humorous' efforts. We start off with a poem which propounds that Stratford-Upon-Avon's favourite son, William Shakespeare, was not in fact from the famous leafy Warwickshire town, but was born 'up north', amongst the grimy coal-pits of Barnsley in Yorkshire. (Note: If you are visiting Stratford-Upon-Avon, then make time to visit the nearby riverside town of Evesham. Evesham is far prettier, far more historic, and above all doesn't contain anything associated with Shakespeare.)

Our second poem is about one of the British institutions—the 'Pub'. This refers to no pub in particular, especially not the two excellent public houses we have here in Badsey, the Wheatsheaf and the Round of Gras.

Next we have a few limericks, these all have a local connection to Will's home village of Badsey. To help you understand them here are a few pointers. Bob-a-Job week is when the boy scouts go round the village once a year doing jobs for a bob ( 'bob' is the old name for a shilling, now 5 pence). Synehurst is a ex-council estate in Badsey, Geoff Hurst was a soccer-player who scored a hat-trick in the 1966 World Cup Final. The 'Rec' is the local name for the recreation ground at Badsey, the Ogg mentioned is Alec Ogg, who once played for, and helped run Badsey Rangers, one of the local soccer teams, until his untimely death a couple of years ago.

Another British institution is the Royal British Legion, and here is a poem about the Women's Section. The local branch, the Badsey Aldington and Wickhamford RBL, was overseen by Marge Syril. The poem is about a coach mystery trip that she may have organised.


The following two poems are connected with Badsey Flower Show. Both were penned by Will as if they had been written by a young girl. The first is about her misfortune in the Children's cookery classes, and the second is her account of how her mother and herself tried to get into the Flower Show (held at the Rec) without paying. For many years Will has encouraged locals to put pen to paper by awarding a literature competition cup at the annual Flower Show. 2013 sees the 111th show and the topic is to write a poem about the 'Pub'.

Finally, here is a poem for Christmas.